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"My wife & I have tried approvals from several other
companies, and found your stamp selections to be
head & shoulders above all others. You are now the
only company we choose to deal with."

H.B. Colorado Springs, CO

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"Your stamps are fabulous...keep them coming!"
D.M. Dayton OH.

Complete Mint Sets ...

To a stamp collector one picture is worth much more than a thousand words! The group of mint stamps to the left is representative of the quality worldwide stamps on approval we send out every day. Actually, the mint sets shown are only partof a worldwide approval selection that was sent to one of our clients. Our typical custom selections actually contain 2 or 3 times this many sets!

Naturally, if you collect specific countries or topical stamps, the stamps we send you will reflect your own specific areas of interest. And whatever stage you are in your collection, we can tailor selections to suit your own particular needs, with attractive, quality sets in all price ranges.

Whatever you enjoy collecting, we encourage you to collect complete mint sets whenever possible. The vast majority of our customers prefer & request selections of complete mint sets. When you build your collection this way, you won't be missing stamps that you may or may not be able to obtain later. (Did you ever try to "fill-in" part or short sets for your own collection)! Also, it's generally more costly than if the complete set was purchased at the outset! If you have been collecting for any length of time, you already realize that complete mint sets are a very cost-effective and logical choice to build a collection that will grow in value over time.

If you collect older (pre-1925 or so) issues, you will probably find that complete mint sets are unavailable or out of reach for this part of your collection. You will probably want to consider nice postally-used examples of these "Classic" issues.

Used Older Issues

There is a huge and growing demand among collectors for nice used examples of stamps from the "Classic" era (1840-1940). Used stamps of this time-period are often available at a fraction of the cost of mint copies! We have an extensive stock of these fascinating and historic issues in all price-ranges that we can send on-approval to you. While the majority will be pre-1925, we also have some more contemporary issues that have proven to be very popular with collectors. For example, used postwar Germany and certain other pre-1955 issues are extremely popular with collectors.

The used stamps shown at the left should give you a good idea of what we can send you on approval. Since condition varies greatly with these older issues, we base our prices accordingly. If you desire, you can even request us to send you stamps that are in less than perfect condition priced at huge discounts from catalog, and fill those spots that would otherwise be empty because of cost. We also have plenty of F-VF examples if you enjoy the challenge of finding stamps of this era in the best possible condition. Whatever you collect, request a custom approval selection now! See some of the best stamps ever - on approval, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

"Thank you again for the wonderfully diverse and interesting foreign stamp approvals you continue to send to me. I look forward each month to receiving your "surprise" packages! " J.S. Bloomington MN.